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United States124United States: 124 musicians
Germany50Germany: 50 musicians
United Kingdom48United Kingdom: 48 musicians
Netherlands27Netherlands: 27 musicians
France26France: 26 musicians
Finland25Finland: 25 musicians
Spain22Spain: 22 musicians
Italy19Italy: 19 musicians
Canada16Canada: 16 musicians
Sweden15Sweden: 15 musicians
Denmark15Denmark: 15 musicians
Ireland13Ireland: 13 musicians
Belgium10Belgium: 10 musicians
Portugal9Portugal: 9 musicians
Japan8Japan: 8 musicians
Argentina8Argentina: 8 musicians
Australia7Australia: 7 musicians
Croatia5Croatia: 5 musicians
Switzerland5Switzerland: 5 musicians
Greece5Greece: 5 musicians
India4India: 4 musicians
Turkey3Turkey: 3 musicians
Poland3Poland: 3 musicians
Czechia3Czechia: 3 musicians
Norway3Norway: 3 musicians
Romania3Romania: 3 musicians
Hungary2Hungary: 2 musicians
Malta2Malta: 2 musicians
Puerto Rico2Puerto Rico: 2 musicians
Slovenia2Slovenia: 2 musicians
Russia2Russia: 2 musicians
Mexico2Mexico: 2 musicians
Brazil2Brazil: 2 musicians
Philippines2Philippines: 2 musicians
Serbia2Serbia: 2 musicians
North Macedonia1North Macedonia: 1 musician
Saudi Arabia1Saudi Arabia: 1 musician
Bosnia and Herzegovina1Bosnia and Herzegovina: 1 musician
Costa Rica1Costa Rica: 1 musician
Lebanon1Lebanon: 1 musician
Hong Kong1Hong Kong: 1 musician
Singapore1Singapore: 1 musician
Austria1Austria: 1 musician
Israel1Israel: 1 musician
Iceland1Iceland: 1 musician
South Africa1South Africa: 1 musician
Europe1Europe: 1 musician
Vietnam1Vietnam: 1 musician
Bahrain1Bahrain: 1 musician
Morocco1Morocco: 1 musician
New Zealand1New Zealand: 1 musician
Lithuania1Lithuania: 1 musician
Algeria1Algeria: 1 musician
Iran1Iran: 1 musician
Pakistan1Pakistan: 1 musician
Estonia1Estonia: 1 musician
United Arab Emirates1United Arab Emirates: 1 musician
Sri Lanka1Sri Lanka: 1 musician
Men487Men: 487 musicians
Women32Women: 32 musicians
55 and above15455 and above: 154 musicians
18 to 2411118 to 24: 111 musicians
45 to 5410045 to 54: 100 musicians
35 to 449035 to 44: 90 musicians
25 to 345425 to 34: 54 musicians
17 and below1017 and below: 10 musicians
Queen73Queen: 73 musicians
Led Zeppelin69Led Zeppelin: 69 musicians
The Who65The Who: 65 musicians
Stevie Ray Vaughan55Stevie Ray Vaughan: 55 musicians
AC/DC55AC/DC: 55 musicians
Pink Floyd52Pink Floyd: 52 musicians
Eagles52Eagles: 52 musicians
Gary Moore48Gary Moore: 48 musicians
Eric Clapton48Eric Clapton: 48 musicians
Black Sabbath46Black Sabbath: 46 musicians
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